Monday, September 30, 2002

Don't Wanna Close My Eyes

I saw Armageddon in the theatres when it came out, and I remember being somewhat embarrassed that I teared up at the end. I enjoy a good movie cry, but I was ashamed to have JB see me cry at freakin' Armageddon. But I caught the end of it on TV last night, dubbed in German, and I teared up at the end. So there you go, it's a damn powerful movie, even in German. And then North by Northwest was on Turner Classic Movies (in English). It was a good night.

A couple of things this weekend reminded me how much my mom rocks. I'm leaving my job because they can't renew me for another year, because I am a local hire. So the plan is (was) to move me to part-time, and hire a new local hire person full-time for the next year. 'Cus it makes a lot of sense to give the person who knows all the presidents and capitals in Central Asia, as well as the complications of the Transdniestr and Nagorno-Karabakh conflicts, fewer hours while the new guy is still saying, out loud, "Dagestan is not even a real place. I think you just made that up!" Anyway, Mom suggested I quit and then apply for the new job a week later. Wonder what measures are in place to prevent that. Also, I saw Minority Report for the second time this weekend and remembered a story I couldn't type before when my hand was in a cast. Mom and I went to see Minority Report at a theatre where I have a "moviewatcher's card." Because she was paying and because I was one-handed, I gave my mom my card. It was free popcorn day. The ticket lady either didn't see or ignored the card in my mom's hand and didn't take it to swipe through the machine. So as Mom and I are walking in the theatre, I say, "where are the popcorn coupons?" And we realized what happened, so we went back to the box office, where the seriously attitudinal chick was all, like, "sorry, I can't do anything about it. You need to present the card when you buy the tickets." and I'm all, "Yeah, we tried to, it's not our fault you didn't take the card and swipe it." And we bicker about this for a few minutes before my mom says, "Well then I would like my money back." And the chick gives the money back and actually says, "Have a good day," before my mom says "Now, I would like two tickets to see Minority Report," presenting the card. It would be a much better story if it ended with us eating the free popcorn, but during the time I have been living out of the country, my card somehow got demagnetized, so our sassy attempt to beat the system was a failure. In terms of getting free popcorn anyway.

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