Thursday, October 03, 2002

100 things you can't tell just by looking at her

1. I played Tevye the Rabbi’s son in Fiddler on the Roof at summer camp, age 7.
2. I told everyone at the camp that I would be 8 in October, to make me seem older.
3. I have no problem not eating meat, but just try and stop me from eating chocolate.
4. I try not to buy too much leather.
5. I still love my knee-high, high-heeled leather boots, purchased in September 1997.
6. I’m a vegetarian.
7. I was an extra on Felicity, Power Rangers, the Practice, Ally McBeal, Pacific Blue and Man on the Moon.
8. I like to read more than I like to talk.
9. Most people think I talk a lot.
10. I used to watch television from the time I got home from school until I went to bed.
11. The only thing my mother ever “censored” was Three’s Company.
12. I’m afraid to write anything too personal on the Internet.
13. I sometimes write things I think are too personal and then delete them.
14. I’m really good at math, but bad with money stuff.
15. I think every girl wishes she could be a Charlie’s Angel.
16. I can’t think of any more, so I’m going to bed, where I will probably lie awake and mentally compose blogs.
17. I live in Prague but am planning on moving back to the states.
18. I like it when people think it’s cool that I live in Prague.
19. I wish I hadn’t given up on learning Czech.
20. I envy my friend Wendy for speaking fluent Czech.
21. I envy my friend Chelsea for having such a strong sense of self. (she’s not self-absorbed!)
22. I’m going to stop listing what I envy about my friends because it will inevitably hurt one of their feelings and I’ll feel awful.
23. I get irrationally mad when I feel guilty about something, which is silly since I’m the one doing it to myself.
24. I’m not sure I want to post this list.
25. I’m not over my parents’ divorce.
26. I don’t “date”
27. I fell on my ass on my first day back in Prague after my surgery, on the step of a tram and have since then loathed public transport more than usual.
28. I have trouble breathing on a crowded bus or tram when more people get on, blocking my escape route.
29. I am not actually claustrophobic if there is no one else there.
30. Having an MRI was one of the coolest things I did this summer.
31. I still feel like there is water in my ear.
32. Atlas Shrugged made me completely rethink my political beliefs, but I still consider myself liberal.
33. I am a certified rescue scuba diver, but don’t remember any of the CPR.
34. Covering the Supreme Court for the New York Times is my dream job.
35. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping.
36. I have a Tickle Me Elmo doll that makes me smile.
37. If I had to choose between having babies or a successful career, I would choose babies.
38. Before I became a vegetarian, I really wanted a pair of leather pants.
39. I feel too responsible for other people’s good times.
40. I think Obi Wan Kenobi is the perfect man.
41. I have always loved Steve Martin
42. I have had a fear of being stood up for as long as I can remember.
43. The only time I was ever actually stood up was on my birthday last year.
44. I think smokers are disgusting.
45. I used to have more guy friends.
46. I have blogged naked.
47. I like to chew on things.
48. I came up with the last dozen while on the tram on the way home from work, jotting them down on the bottom of a calendar, and it made me really cheery.
49. I have had mad crushes on Anthony Michael Hall, Kiefer Sutherland, Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves and Kyle MacLachlan.
50. I have been in love, but I don’t understand love.
51. I started several novels as a girl, and always got stuck.
52. I started a novel this year, have the whole thing mentally composed, and am stuck.
53. I was known in tenth grade for wearing purple eyeliner.
54. The bone church in Kutna Hora is my favorite site in the Czech Republic.
55. I have been to about 35 countries.
56. I never know how to count island groups like the Caribbean, Seychelles and Comoros when I am counting the countries that I have been to.
57. I am a pacifist.
58. I like really violent movies.
59. For my 15th birthday, my mom took me to see Wild at Heart and noted that we both enjoy lots of sex and violence.
60. My brother thought I was heartless when I just stared at the TV after our first dog was hit by a car.
61. I try too hard to maintain a “together” exterior.
62. It never occurs to me to lie.
63. I have eclectic musical tastes.
64. I have obsessive, stalkerlike tendencies, but am completely harmless.
65. I almost never throw up.
66. I am not good at sports.
67. I’m not sure if I want people to think I’m smart for a pretty girl or pretty for a smart girl.
68. I love my iguana.
69. I don’t like parties.
70. I felt a personal loss when I found out “Weird Al” Yankovic and Conan O’Brien got married (not to each other).
71. I have kissed girls.
72. I have cried at work, and I don’t know if anyone could tell.
73. I transferred from Northwestern during my sophomore year because I hated my sorority.
74. Tranferring to USC’s film school was the first best decision I ever made.
75. Deciding to go back to Northwestern for graduate school was the second best decision I ever made.
76. January was my favorite month in Prague.
77. I considered reordering this list so it was in chronological order.
78. I realized I was allergic to cats when I was burying my face in my friend’s fuzzy kitten and my eyes got puffy and my nose closed up.
79. I enjoy spending Sundays in my pajamas without leaving the house.
80. I’m afraid I won’t want to talk to my friends on the phone anymore when I move back to the states because I have gotten out of the habit.
81. My eyes are my best feature.
82. I don’t notice if guys are cute until I like something about their personality.
83. Brutal crimes fascinate me.
84. I have been accused of being too inquisitive.
85. Evidently I have a “reporter face.”
86. I used to want to be an FBI agent.
87. On career day in high school I watched a gall bladder surgery because I put “medicine” on the form, thinking I would get to be with my boyfriend, who put business or something on his form, but is now a doctor and married.
88. I am afraid that all men cheat.
89. I didn’t think I was afraid of anything, but realize now that several of these items have started with “I’m afraid.”
90. I think a lot of people’s fears are silly and unwarranted.
91. I like boats.
92. I like ducks.
93. I don’t like getting massages for more than half an hour because I get really irritated by having a stranger touch me.
94. I have intimacy issues.
95. My mother thinks my brother and I speak in a secret code to be mean to her.
96. My mom is my best friend.
97. I drank cosmopolitans before they were featured on Sex and the City.
98. I am always behind the curve in fashion and music, but proud of being ahead of the trends in drinks.
99. I hope I die before I get old.
100. This was harder than I thought, but suddenly here’s number 100.

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