Monday, October 28, 2002

California Dreamin'

I had my recurring dream about my married ex-boyfriend again last night. I also have another recurring dream in the queue. I've only had it twice, but I can just tell. It's about my old job. In the dream, I step away from the desk and am gone longer than I am supposed to be. I know I should go back, but I never get there. After a while I realize the supervisor's shift has changed and they may not actually know how long I've been gone. The first time I had the dream, my nemesis was in the slot position. He gave me a story to write about rare coins. MJB came up to the desk asking about the story, so I knew it was important. And then my mom came in and I went back to her house to have lunch. Except it wasn't her current house, but the one we moved out of in 1987. More recently, one of my friends, I think it was KAL, convinced me to check out a multi-level art museum exhibit in the building where I work. I didn't want to rush. Art soothes me. But I was anxious that I would be missed at work. It turned out that some of the floors of art were actually a tram ride away, in Athens and some other European city that is a little more than a tram ride away from Prague.

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