Friday, October 11, 2002

Celebrity Crushes

I'm happy to see that you've replaced Gwyneth Paltrow on your list, Blog friend, but Neve Campbell? I mean, I used to have her haircut and all, but it looks like her career may go the way of Wanda's from Doogie Howser. HRH says it's a Canadian thing. And Allison Smith? Your IMDB link no worky, probably because there are like 12 Allison Smiths. I hope yours is the first one, and not the ones who played T&A Cheerleader or Floozy Gambler. I am so not making that up. I also see that all five are television actresses. Well, MLP is a film, broadway and television star, but I'm betting it's West Wing that had you falling for her. Did you know that she's with Billy Crudup? Looks like you and I gotta find a way to bust up that relationship...

In other news, 24 rulez!

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