Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Czech this box

Hee. That never gets old. I may be czeching out, but don't worry, I'll continue to update you on my Prague-ress. Okay, I had help with the last one -- from a professional comedy writer. The aforementioned box is actually three boxes. It's really not that exciting. The biggest event of my day (after a lovely lunch with the always lovely HRH) was cutting my finger on a box. I always seem to mess up my hands while packing. That's why I didn't paint my nails yesterday. I have a red 101 Dalmatians band-aid on. Vapid vapid vapid. I haven't wanted to blog 'cus what could top my Oscar/RFE eulogies? I've rented five videos during the past 24 hours. And watched them. And four of them were episodes of television shows, so technically, longer than your average movie. One of them was The Mothman Prophecies, which, while not actually better than your average move, was super creepy. I started freaking myself out and had to turn lights on. You never get a good look at the Mothman, which is why that's scarier to me than the Aliens in Signs. Once I'm staring at the green guy, I think, oh that's not scary 'cus Aliens aren't real.

So, my last two days of sorting through stuff and watching TV leave me with the following deep thoughts: Buffy rulez. 24 rulez. I only have one more 24 tape to watch, and it's not the last one. I saw that one weeks ago. It's the second one. I'm unpredictable that way.

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