Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Going back to Cali, Cali, Cali

I was asked if I get jet lag. I think I've done a bang-up job the last two years hopping between time zones. Still, I was up at 5:45 this morning. And my body hurts real bad, but I think that's from lugging enormously heavy bags across airports and oceans and my mother's front lawn. The champagne flutes made it. The oversized Xmas ornament I bought my mother in Telc did not. One suitcase lost a wheel and the other lost its bright pink smiley face luggage tag. The ornament was my fault. I got sick of carrying the duffel bag and basically started kicking it instead of carrying it while in customs lines and stuff.

The cd player that I decided to put in the now-threewheeled suitcase does not appear to have survived. It looks fine but won't turn on when plugged in. The VCR that's been living in my garage has what I can only describe as a flicker and I can't find the remote. I can't plug in my laptop on my desk because the three-pronged outlet is trapped behind furniture.

Aside from having way too much stuff, and not all of it functional, it's nice to be home. Had a cheery reunion with Barney and mom and my brother and my excellent good friends. Emerald is glad to see me but thinks the floor is too cold under his cage and would like me to replace his heat lamps. He also wasn't too happy about having his nails clipped as our first activity after being reunited.

The flight itself was above average, even though all the good inflight movies were on planes going the opposite direction or to and from Brazil and Japan. But they had six new Tori songs on the All Access music channel. I'd already heard four of them on her website the past few weeks and the other two are probably last week's and this week's. I would also like to take this opportunity to whine here about my landlord deciding I couldn't make outgoing calls during my last week in Prague, thus preventing me from ordering tickets to Tori's Los Angeles concert Dec. 17.

My plan now is to get a haircut, eye exam and a job.

Notes to my fabulous blogmates in cities far and wide: Last night at dinner I babbled on and on about things I blogged and you blogged and I would preface anecdotes with "As I mentioned on my blog..." and "I don't know if you saw Chelsea's blog about..." I mean I think my audience are all avid readers of our online works, and yet I felt a little bit of a technological divide. Maybe I was just worried they were thinking I am a huge blogging dork. And they're all talking about movies I know nothing about. I'm behind the cultural loop. But JB referenced those IKEA commercials I still haven't seen but my Toronto-based Blog Friend told us about a while back, and KAL is with me on the whole Christina-Aguilera-is-a-skanky-ho-and-her-new-video-is-not-at-all-sexy-but-must-be-designed-to-make-us-feel-dirrty thing. (Hope that shows up on my search query stats.) So I think I'll catch up. Oh, and I saw the video for Sk8er Boi this morning, and think maybe I was unduly harsh. I got my very own copy of her CD yesterday, and I think I won't train my CD player here (when I get a new one) to skip that song.

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