Thursday, October 03, 2002

I can't hear you!

So about that raging tide in my left ear...The doctor at work (yes we have one, you mean you don't?) looked at me like I was nuts, like having water in your ear isn't something that happens. She looked in my ear and said it's not water, it's...and then she didn't know how to say it in English, but I gleaned that she was saying I had ear wax blockage (ew) and needed to have it removed. They tried to make an appt for me to see an ENT today at 5, and I was like, I can't at 5 on Thursday, I have to work. And they're all, "You can go at 5," and I'm all, "no I can't" and they're all "you can go..." It was like the pidgeon English in Tai Pan. "Can." "No can." for "Yes" and "no." But as it turned out, I could go at 5 on a Thursday, by leaving work and coming back again. Funny how that works. (Is now a good time to get into how my ID card expired and they haven't issued a new one and I have to call upstairs to get a colleague to be my escort every damn time I enter the building and the security guard gave me a dirty look yesterday for leaving at 9 pm and handing him my Visitor Escort Needed card and obviously not having an escort?)

So I go for a little stroll down the cobblestoned path in my knee-high leather boots to the ENT's office. Where she looked in my ears and told me all was clear. Huh? I thought I had ear wax blockage caused ironically by excessive Q-tip swabbing. Her solution to my problem was to put a thing in my nose, attached to a rubber squeezy thing (like the red rubber part of those clown horns, only bigger) and squeeze air into my nose while I said "Praha" or "Cuckoo." (I chose Praha.) It made a fun sort of squeak noise and popped, but I don't know if it actually solved the problem. I guess I'll know when I go home and sit quietly, and see if I can still hear the ocean.

I have to say I'm not sure that was worth the cobblestone hike in the knee-high boots. In the rain.

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