Friday, October 04, 2002

Mam karticku!

No more do I have to flash my passport and tell the security guards every day, Pracuju tady, ale nemam karticku. It had become my mantra. I did go to the gym today with the old karticku. The one that expired on Sept 30, 2001. Security isn't quite as tight over there.

I had lunch at a cafe next to the gym, and was eating spinach soup and garlic bread. And I was thinking, what are the herbs they always use on garlic bread that are green? Garlic's not green. And I was thinking, this is a really nice soup, and a very cool place, and why am I leaving Prague? Then I noticed the rubbery, pink pieces of pork at the bottom of the bowl. That's why. Hey, lady, when I ask if the soup is vegetarian, and there is pig in it, it's the answer is no, it's not vegetarian!

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