Saturday, October 05, 2002

Nazis and chocolate sauce

In anticipation of my birthday trip to Salzburg tomorrow (please don't rain), I actually dreamed last night about a Sound of Music sing-along. In the dream, I wasn't actually one of the singers, but I was on stage when the thing spontaneously erupted and had to pretend to look like I was supposed to be there. I ended up accidentally blocking the signs explaining Doe a Deer in Spanish.

Am having the best chocolate cake in Prague tonight, with MN and HRH. The background (as if eating chocolate cake for your birthday needs background) is that my mom and I had this wonderful chocolate souffle cake in Chicago. And then the restaurant went out of business. I can't even remember its name, but it was very close to my apartment. Thus began the search for a similar, delicious, warm chocolate cake with a moist center, served with ice cream and fudge sauce. The cake at Bistro Marlene, also strangely close to the first apartment I lived in here, is the closest we've found. I think it's actually called soft, warm chocolate cake. I may order it for an appetizer.

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