Thursday, October 31, 2002

Not even six degrees

Can I just say how absurd it is that you can't swing an iguana in this town without hitting a former classmate of mine on television or at the movies? Sunday nights it's the Practice, Wednesday nights it's the West Wing. You can also catch a couple of very attractive sibilings at your local movie theatre. Good thing I gave up acting or I would be so jealous. I should mention these are high school classmates, not acting class classmates.

And Happy Halloween. And Ahem. Why aren't you admiring my costume? That's me below. Really.

It's gray out today. Am sitting in my brother's bedroom, also known as my office. I have the laptop set up on his desk so I can look out the window at our front yard. Ooh, some roses have bloomed. There's also a dummy fashioned by my mother to scare the children. He's wearing an Admiral Akbar mask. There's another mask on a sheet hanging from a tree (not palm), but I don't know who that mask is or where it came from. And I really oughta take a picture of the jack o'lanterns we've got going. I carved one of Dracula, which is not as impressive as the one I carved of a screeching kitty in front of the moon, neither of which are as kick-arse as the one by my mom, of a skull made outta the words Trick or Treat. You gotta see 'em.

I have not eaten chocolate since a few chocolate chip cookies on Monday. This is huge, I'm not kidding. There are mass quantities of Reese's PB cups and Butterfingers in bowls just outside my bedroom. This is an extraordinary display of self-restraint. I did have six of those little tootsie rolls, but not the chocolate ones. Lime (2), cherry, orange and vanilla (2).

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