Saturday, October 12, 2002

"This is it ... This isn't it!" --Roger Rabbit

No this is it. For now. My last day. There are legacies I leave behind -- the Supervisor of Mass Destruction sign, the computer wallpaper of Homer Simpson with various rock stars, a sesame seed that fell beneath the keys on this keyboard...

It's not much, and I'm still just a little girl, but this is the longest I've ever worked at one job. Even if you don't count the collective five months or so I spent traveling in Russia, and going home to celebrate holidays and have a mogwai removed from my hand.

It's like J. Lo says, Sometimes I want to stay, but leaving you is what I need to do to be okay... Or Tom Petty: It's time to move on, time to get going. What lies ahead I've got no way of knowing. Under my feet, babe, the grass is growing. Time to move on, time to get going...

That's what I said to A when I left for graduate school. And in about a week, I bet I'll be standing next to him again as he sits at our mom's computer, in the exact spot where I busted out that rhyme almost three years ago.

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