Thursday, November 14, 2002

The importance of making a stupid mistake during your first day so your coworkers aren't threatened by you
or Writing "Barbara" Streisand is actually a typo

I love my new job. love it love it. Sure it pays nothing and is only part-time (Thursdays and Fridays so far), but I get to write about violent crimes and entertainment news. Sometimes in the same story. I get to watch five TVs simultaneously and make fun of commentators who say "Sug" Knight instead of "Shoog" and pronounce Tha Row records like it's named after Henry David. And listen to a police scanner in the background like one of those wave machines.

I was really tired on my first day because KSN kept me out late by taking me to Mamma Mia. It was way fun. The lead actress was somewhat wooden, but had an incredible voice. People were tearing open newly purchased copies of the soundtrack during intermission, but it made me want to hear the Abba versions. KSN said the curtain call was her favorite part. Not because she was so happy it was over, but because that was where the liveliest performances were. After, we went with JH to The Standard downtown. Apparently it's a hip spot. Well worth being out past my bedtime!

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