Tuesday, November 05, 2002


Top five signs that I brought a little bit of Prague back with me:

1. I like to listen to the soundtrack to pisnickovy retrofilm Rebelove while showering and getting dressed.
2. I take my shoes off when I enter other people's homes.
3. I call it a mobile phone.
4. I like to eat with my fork in my left and my knife in my right. No switching!
5. I think $10.95 for an entree is a sign of an extremely fancy restaurant.

Five guys I would find it impossible to eat pizza in front of if they happened to be eating in the same restaurant on Beverly Blvd:

1. Jude Law
2. Ewan McGregor
3. Billy Crudup
4. Hugh Jackman (but only if he had his Wolverine sideburns on)
5. Tobey Maguire (definitely not pizza. I'd order a vegan burger and invite him to a yoga class)

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