Wednesday, November 20, 2002

NATO, what?

You wouldn't know that Prague was about to erupt in violence over a NATO summit. You wouldn't know there is a summit this weekend. You wouldn't even know what NATO stands for. Not when Michael Jackson is "dangling a baby over a balcony by one arm." (Actually, he had the wriggling baby, with its face covered, tucked under one of his arms. While not actually a model of good parenting, I wouldn't consider it child endangerment either.) Not when there's a guy still sitting in a tree to prevent it from being cut down to widen a road. Especially when Rene Russo, actress and "california native girl" shows up in Santa Clarita to offer her support.

I got my first byline yesterday on the tree story, which is funny because my mother's first byline 35 years ago (or so) was about tree-planting in Los Angeles. I like covering local news, but it sure is different. We cover everything. Every preliminary hearing, gang-related shooting and Maria Shriver-filed restraining order. I guess the news judgment factors in when deciding how many lines to give each.

In other news, Buffy and 24 were awesome last night!

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