Friday, November 22, 2002

Okay I'm totally having that thing where I have lots to blog about but by the time I get online, I can't remember any of it. It is a problem that the computers at work at shite! Oh wait, that was part of what I was going to blog. There's no reason why I can't write, report and edit on what's basically a word processor, with weird commands and no windows (i.e. I can only look at one document at a time), but why should I have to?? Why should I have to get up and move to another computer if I need to research something on a useful little tool I like to call the Internet. And why can't I e-mail and blog all day like I used to? Oh how I miss FW and RFE. It's not that I'm so busy all day, and yet, I keep getting kept late. There's so much down time and less news I can access on the screen I am meant to be looking at. I can, however, watch 5 different stations (mostly on mute) all day. So I've sorta been keeping up with General Hospital. I did some good things today, and feel less like a screw-up, but I am a ways off from looking forward to my next day in the office (as yet unscheduled).

And how ironic that I keep messing up AP style? I used to be queen of AP style. I blame RFE for making me totally out of the habit of abbreviating anything. I'm actually getting told, "I think you need to brush up on a few style rules." Yep. All part of that plan to make sure they aren't threatened by me.

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