Thursday, November 07, 2002

She who wants no part of any club that would have her as a member
Or commitment phobia a go go

So I had what I thought was a really great job interview on Monday. (I fare better when they give me a test than when they ask me questions and stuff. I have that valley disease of talking really fast, replacing ums with likes and uhs with you knows...also not always making sense.) Is it a full-time, permanent, well-paying job? No, but it is in Los Angeles. He said he'd let me know in a few days. It's been a few days. Maybe I accidentally deleted his e-mail, which accidentally went in my bulk folder. Have just now located an old e-mail from him, which may or may not be his same current e-mail address. So now I can write a somewhat belated thank you note designed to get him to hire me and/or realize that I never got his previous e-mail, if in fact he sent one. Either that or saying, "I accidentally deleted an e-mail without reading it. That wasn't from you, was it?" This just in. The old e-mail address is no longer active. How badly do I want to campaign for this job anyway?

Under the same subhead, HK urged me to do A quick perusal of age-appropriate men in my zip code leads me to the obvious conclusion of Ew!

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