Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Sunshine Day

Making up my mind, this very minute, that I will enjoy being unemployed. Soon enough something will come along and I will wish I could sleep late and watch TV all day. And the weather is unbelievable. I shopped at the new Hollywood and Highland mall yesterday before meeting BBS for a movie. It was strategic, because I got an additional 10 percent off my velour exercise pants and jeans when I shopped at the Express there. So I drove, with the sunroof open and the a/c on, Tori singing (Taxi Ride is my favorite right now), along Hollywood and Sunset boulevards, past the giant Miller Genuine Draft bottle that appears to have replaced the Marlboro man, enormous Gap ads, Tower Records and the Whisky a-Go-Go, through Beverly Hills to Century City, where I actually saw a woman wearing a white off the shoulder angora sweater. It was at least 75 degrees. So probably her one sweatered arm was totally roasting while her exposed shoulder and other arm were soaking up the sun.

In reality, though, I am discouraged. Everyone applies to the jobs on journalismjobs.com, they'll never pick me! And even though last summer, on the two occasions I returned to Prague from Los Angeles, I fantasized about returning to Southern California for good, I'm again thinking I would rather take a job in another city. These thoughts are of course aided by the fact there are no jobs that wouldn't have me as a member in this city.

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