Friday, December 20, 2002

More on Chelsea's favorite mythologies

You know, sometimes Czech subtitles during my movies were distracting, like say, during The Sweetest Thing (Too big to fit in here...) when there were so many extreme close-ups, the funny words with no vowels covered the faces. But I coulda used them during TTT, because (having not read the books) I have no idea what anybody's names are! Especially since they're not all, like, phonetically spelled. I do have to add that I absolutely loved Gollum. I told JB after the movie, that I thought Dobby was really good in this one and he was like, "yeah, Dobby was great, Gollum was great, what went wrong with that guy in Phantom Menace? Must have been the Rastafarian voice!"

I was watching some commercials for TTT on TV last night and it made me like the movie more ... just wished the pacing was as wham-bam sock-em as the 30 second spots. But, although JB wanted to walk out every time Liv Tyler showed up, I didn't think the "I love the elf" scenes slowed things down at all! I love I love the elf scenes! Hope there's more in ROTK.

And speaking of Jar-Jar Binks, Q & A & I played Phantom Menace monopoly the other day. Q was Jar-Jar, but kept trying to move A's Darth Maul piece. I was Amidala because there was no Obi-wan piece. I think we can all agree that I was the winner, but I think it's because they got tired and wanted to go home, and just started giving away property like the Jedi Council and Galactic Senate (Boardwalk and Park Place). A was all proud of his two towers that he built on the swamps and plains of Naboo (basically the equivalent of Cletus' shack and the Tireyards in the Simpsons version). My brother, the slum lord.

Welcome home, HRH! Nice to have you on my continent.

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