Tuesday, December 10, 2002

My dad says I should get a reversible hat that says "I love my job" on one side and "I hate my job" on the other. It's been a good couple of days. Either I'm getting more self-confident or they're getting to know me and my writing and actually letting stuff go out on the wire in my words. Today I followed a story about celebrities signing an anti-war declaration. A highlight was Jessica Lange saying (on TV) that she despises Bush, his administration and everything they do. It was the first story that I was really disappointed that I couldn't cut and paste and e-mail to everyone I know. Sure it was still celebrity news, but it had that Iraq thing tied into it, and you know how I love to write about Iraq. There are still painfully boring hours of downtime, but that's what the AP stylebook is for. I read through Z today. And watched General Hospital with no sound.

A low-speed chase rounded out the day. Reminded me of that show It's, like, you know that spoofed Angelenos glued to their sets 'cus there was a freeway chase on TV. The Chinese food delivery guy took an hour and a half and explained the delay with a shrug and "There's a freeway chase."

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