Friday, December 06, 2002

Seriously, I was all set to quit that "job" I had. I hadn't worked since Thanksgiving and they were being vague about when they were going to have me back. I decided it wasn't because I was the worst journalist they had ever seen -- cus how could that be possible? -- but because they were a small operation used to doing everything their damn selves and they just needed someone to put out the hourly temperatures. But before I could fire off a sayonara e-mail (well, I could have but I didn't have the guy's e-mail address), I received one proposing a part-time schedule between now and New Year's that seemed doable. They want me on the desk on Christmas Eve. That's practically a promotion from the cops beat. They must think I am hot shit. So of course I'm going to do it. Check back next week to see how miserable that decision makes me.

Rules of Attraction

I go out once a week. Maybe. Last night, it took some psyching up but I went to the Standard downtown again. Roof top bar with fun music, dance floor and $13 martinis that end up on your shoes or your lap as often as they end up in your bloodstream. Trying to wean myself from vodka, I had a tequila martini with sweet vermouth. KSN said, "that's quite a drink!" The upside is that I only needed the one, it took me the evening to finish it. The down is that l really like sucking down cosmopolitans. (An aside, it bugs me when people abbreviate it to "cosmo." It ain't a women's magazine, people.) Amazingly there was a guy there that I was extremely attracted to. He was talking to the birthday girl and I actually did a double take to get a second look. And then stared at him from my position on the plush couch beneath the heat lamps. I kept nudging KSN to ask if she knew who he was, but before she turned her attention back to me, he kissed some girl's temple. Crap. I stilled continued to stare at him, and told BR, who was on my left, that I had spotted a guy but he seemed to be "with" a girl. She validated his unavailability but challenged my opinion that the fella was good-looking (In my defense, I did recognize that the attraction may have stemmed from his slight resemblance to someone I used to be in love with). When I told KSN that I was plotting to break up this nuzzling couple, she looked at BR and said, "wait, do you think he's attractive? Isn't that funny how different people's tastes are?" The birthday girl told me later that she thought he was good looking too, in a Johnathon Schaech (Christ, is that really how he spells his name?) kind of way. So there. The very plain-looking girl had met the dreamy looking guy at the housewarming party of the guy who was at that point to my right -- a dead ringer for Dr. Evil in the flashbacks to boarding school in Goldmember. I'm not even kidding. Unfortunately that guy decided to chat me up by telling me how intriguing my handbag was. I said it was from China, but I hadn't been there. Well actually I had but not recently, not when the handbag was procured. Why a simple "thank you" wouldn't have done, I do not know. So then I get a "What were you doing in China?" and since I wasn't doing much -- except for judging a girl who said she was a vegetarian, but ate fish, and sometimes chicken and a little red meat, for turning green when she learned she had just eaten sweet and sour pork -- I changed the subject to my having lived in Prague until recently. And though that was even more intriguing than my handbag, I soon became bored with myself and went home.

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