Thursday, December 05, 2002

Vampires and Libertarians

My mom watched a rerun of Buffy with me the other day. She's not so much into the horror/sci-fi stuff, but I think she got into it. She said "Whoah" when Spike punched Anya in the face. I said "it's okay, she's a demon." Interesting though, how people react to a man hitting a woman. You don't get that kind of reaction when a man hits another man on TV. Is that sexism? She also asked if Buffy had another face, since Spike had vamped out and Anya was all veiny. But of course, Buffy is human.

Do I believe in accepting unemployment? Should my old job have to pay me for not working there anymore? Should I hold myself to a higher standard by accepting no money, living off of someone else's, lounging on my mom's couch, using her electricity and eating her food?

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