Friday, January 17, 2003

From the mixed-up files of Mrs. Wendy R. Purweilerova

And that's kicking your ass! (bitch). Ooh, did I just get a literary, Charlie's Angels and imaginary 24 reference in one sentence? Methinks I did!

So, uh, I'm thinking of taking the job. I've made a list of the jobs I'd rather have, that I could actually get in this lifetime (and this month) and if my follow-ups bear no fruit over this holiday weekend, I'm taking the job. Unless I don't. Both apartments we liked are still available. And since I invited that bartender to Holly's moving party for her, don't you think it's only fair that she go negotiate a higher salary than they're offering me at her hometown newspaper? Me too.

WWW neglected to mention the much more interesting pick-up line we heard while ignoring men talking at us on the streets of Seattle: "Hey girls, did you hear the one about ppthmpth?" (is that how you spell the razzberry sound?)

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