Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Lesbian Love Letter

Is WWW the greatest or what? When my interviewers asked me to stay another night in Mount Vernon, lots o' Seattle-based hostesses woulda said, "Cool, fine, see you when you get back tomorrow," but not WWW. She hopped the first Greyhound (the train was leaving too soon and she'd just started some laundry) and ate Thai food with me and talked until past our bedtimes about my interview and her cute boy. After I'd finished trying to convince potential employers that I am the right candidate for a job I'm not sure I want, WWW drove me around the county for eight hours, which resulted in my thinking maybe I could be happy in the Pacific Northwest. Because it's super cute and the people are really nice and there are a whole two apartments I would like to live in, and I'm dying to work for a local newspaper in a really small town??? Or because it's just so much damn fun tohang out with WWW? Not sure yet.

We can't decide if we should ascend the Space Needle or wait until