Monday, January 06, 2003


Since my last list, I have seen:

Catch Me If You Can
The Hours
Maid in Manhattan

And watched at my home or someone else's:

Swing Kids
Life as a House
The Pianist

And Oz is back.

I liked Swing Kids, thought Prague was good in it, but weren't they sposed to break into song about the Nazis?

We're having a Robert Redford double feature tonight: The Way We Were and A River Runs Through It. Yeah, it's gonna suck when I get a real job.

I love my fuzzy little dog. He gets groomed weekly. If not sprayed with cologne, he starts to smell doggie within a day or two. I don't mind. I like his doggie smell. I like his cologne smell too, but it makes my inner ear itch, and this morning the right side of my throat hurts.

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