Thursday, January 02, 2003

Of course, blue is my favorite colour

That spelling's a little nod to my Canadian friends.

I got a $40 parking ticket on New Year's Eve. Because I went to a party for free in defiance of paying a $30 cover at a bar. That's okay though, I liked where I went. One of my top three New Year'ses. Nothing can top 2000 in Central Park, drinking a bottle of Ten Bucks champagne from the bottle...

Saw The Hours. Thought it might send me into a downward spiral resulting in a crippling depression, but it really didn't. I mean, it's not a happy movie, by any means, but it just so accurately conveys depression. Made me feel good.

Know what else makes me feel good? My new balance ball.

Know what else? I'm flying to Seattle for a job interview! (in Skagit Valley)

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