Monday, January 06, 2003

What the hey?

There were a few lines at the bottom of my last post that are feeling a little shy. I bet when I post this one, they'll pop up. I wouldn't care, but they were important! One was about my fabulous balance ball, my most favoritest x-mas gift. We should always get at least one toy for x-mas. The other was about my getting flown to Seattle next week for an interview with a newspaper that is actually an hour north of Seattle. I'd link to it, but then they could check their referrer logs, which would lead them to my blog, and then, once I get the job, they'd know all the mean things I say about them and/or my ramblings about the cute boy I have a crush on. And that won't do.

I think it goes without saying that the interview, and the possibility of gainful employment, take a backseat to the Seattle-based reunion with WWW

Things are looking good in 2003.

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