Saturday, February 08, 2003

All together now

I'm guaranteed a 3.75 percent raise once a year. So is everyone else. I can thank the Guild for that. Better not lose our Guild association next year, because then we won't get that automatic raise, right? I'm wondering, though, if I would have been offered a higher starting salary if there weren't an automatic raise written into the labor contract. And if the 3.75 percent raise that coincides with my six-month anniversary won't prevent them from giving me a higher raise at that time. I may be putting the cart before the Teamsters here, because I might not even deserve a raise. But that's the thing! Maybe I won't deserve a raise, so how can we be sure everybody else does? A person that was hired one year before me is always going to be making 3.75 percent more than me -- even if they've worked there 10 years and I've worked there nine and they're a crappy employee? Why would anyone work for a company that they don't trust to fairly judge who deserves how much money based on the quality and quantity of the work they do? Ooh, we need a Guild contract because otherwise management will make us work a lot of unpaid overtime and never pay us what we're worth, they say. But why do we need Guild representatives to help us negotiate with the Big Boss? In fact, why do we negotiate as a collective anyway?

What's the name of that oil guy in Atlas Shrugged? Driving home from Anacortes last night I was captivated by an eternal flame burning on the edge of the Shell Refinery. So there, oil refineries are too pretty.

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