Friday, February 21, 2003

Because it's wrong

Saw The Life of David Gale. Had completely forgotten the premise that is pretty much laid out in the theatrical trailer, which I saw at some point around Christmas. Became re-intrigued from the commercials during must-see TV last night. Was warned by ticket lady that "Technicolor spilled something on one of the reels, so I don't know how distracting it will be for you. The color is kind of odd during the last 20 minutes." Well I took my chances. And it wasn't the last 20 minutes, it was the penultimate reel. And it wasn't the color, it was like there were spots on the film. The effect was like it was snowing indoors. Wasn't too distracting, but I'm glad I had the warning. Guess it's better to show the film anyway and warn people than to not show it or not tell people. Wonder if a replacement reel is on the way. What I had forgotten is that the film is about the death penalty and Kate Winslet plays a hard-as-nails reporter. My kind of film all right. I recommend it, even if I had the whole thing figured out from the theatrical trailer, which I remembered as I watched the film.

Philosophy is a walk on slippery rocks

Lacan's theory according to David Gale is that we are never happier than when we are fantasizing about future happiness. I respectfully disagree and bet my neo-objectivist friends would back me on this if only I had a comment box. I am happy right now. I enjoy my days as they happen and I appreciate that what I have is good. It's not good in the sense that it is work toward something that will happen at some later date and is therefore anticipatorily good. But it's actually good. At this second. And in fact, I am less happy if I worry about future happiness that I may or may not achieve. Cus I may never find the perfect man. And when I find a semi-perfect man, he could get in my way and disturb my perfect happiness of reporting on daffodils and ferry fares, driving on long dark roads in the rain past mountains, sunsets and sparkly oil refineries, watching DVDs, doing yoga and pilates, and writing e-mails with my little iguana licking my fingers as I type. I'm happy now. There could come a time when I feel loneliness or boredom or unsure of my talents, but right now, life is fun. And I'm happy now.

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