Sunday, February 23, 2003

Laziness is a warm iguana

SH laughed at me the other day when I told him I was an introvert. I could barely get the sentence out without cracking up, I spend so much of the day gabbing with SH, and making silly jokes. I was doing kung fu moves in the hall on my second day of work and he said, "Boy you've really come out of your shell, huh?" I've just spent more than a hour on taking personality quizzes, and on every one I click the box next to Energy: High. I'm often asked how much coffee or cocaine I take. I have been called a spazz.

And yet, no lie, I am the laziest girl around. I can, quite, happily, spend an entire weekend in my pajamas on my couch. Longer, now that I have netflix.

What, I can't have layers?

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