Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Public service

Since I'm already being punished for criticizing the pluralizing of shout out to shout outs insteand of shouts out, by having my own comments box come and go, I think it's time I addressed a growing problem in the use of personal pronouns. I is not a direct object. i.e. Emerald and I love our new couch. The couch was given to Emerald and me. The couch was not picked out by Emerald and I. When in doubt, eliminate the other person's name. You wouldn't say it was picked out by I, would you? I have to confess, having been told that as a child I charmed all by saying things like, "Me and A missed you so much," that I sometimes do that inadvertently, accidentally saying me when I should say I. That is all. I'd ask you to respond, but who knows where those pesky comments are.

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