Tuesday, February 18, 2003

There's Nazis in the bathroom, just below the stairs

I'm on a John Lennon kick, what can I say? Actually, if you go back two days, I guess it's a Beatles kick.

Well, if you hadn't made up your mind about war, HRH, MTV is here to help.

My makeup picks: Lancome mascara (any. in fact, this morning I put Flextencils on the right eye and Magnificils on the other, and swear to Zeus, the left lashes are curlier.), Olay Daily Facials (makeup remover and cleanser all in one flat little cloth), Lorac lipstick in Debra (after Messing, cus I used to have her hair color), MAC concealer (thanks to HRH). I've been very inconsistent with the eye makeup thing, since I've become a 50 percent glasses person, but I mostly use the Lancome eye shadows I get as gift with purchase and when I'm feeling sassy, MAC creme liner. But I fully intend to buy a Chanel eyeliner with my leftover Macy's credit. As soon as I'm in a city with a Macy's.

And that my friends, is how you talk makeup and war in one post.

Note that I have a lot more to say about makeup today. How could I forget lip balm. It's Bonne Bell lipsmackers. Always has been. Since high school. I like to have them in every purse and within an arms reach no matter where I am in my apartment. Unfortunately I'm short a few, and occasionally I get two in one place, leaving a void somewhere else. Currently there is an almost used up Mango one in my Guernica mug (aka pen holder) at work, a strawberry/watermelon swirl in my car and a watermelon one by my bed. Need on by my computer. Ooh, that's a good activity during the 20 minutes before General Hospital. Finding and strategically placing all existing lip balms. Have already fulfilled my 40 hours for the work week, which ends today, ergo the free time.

Oh yeah, and I'm totally into Almay's Kinetin eye cream. The Neutrogena irritated my sensitive skin. And I'm obsessed with not getting wrinkles, since the gray hairs have already started happening. Contrary to any ideas this post may give you, I am actually pretty low-maintenance, and rather lazy to boot. But if I remember to brush my teeth before going to bed, which I generally do, I apply eye cream.

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