Monday, February 10, 2003

Where the gin is cold and the piano's hot

Sorry, but I have to weigh in on the CZJ thing.

Those T-Mobile (I pronounce it mohb-eye-l, how do you?) commercials are extremely irritating. And I think Andre and Stefi are still the European faces of T-Mobile, at least they still were when I came back to Prague last summer after being bombarded with CZJ's "Stop!" offensive. Was enough to make me go with AT&T wireless. But she is extremely beautiful, and fan-freaking-tabulous in Chicago. The real question is why does she need to pimp herself out for a wireless company? Probably not just so she can stay home with the kids, since she was high-kicking during her pregnancy and all.

There are two other commercials that make me want to kill my TV -- and I really love my TV. One of them doesn't feature anyone famous, but is for Verizon and it's a little vignette about a girl, I think her name is Michelle, who won't take a guy's phone calls until he sends her an e-mail and plays "All I need is a miracle All I need is you." And then she shows up at his door. Seeing that during every single commercial break during the same program isn't going to convince me I need Verizon. I'd rather deal with CZJ's "Stop!" bowling commercial.

The other awful one stars that really tall Yao dude (No, it's not the one where everyone goes, Yo! And he goes, Yao. That one's not bad) and that really short dude, Verne Troyer, and is voiced over by my man Jeff Goldblum. It's the iBook one on the plane, the next big and small thing in computers. Bleeeeech. That one really bugs me.

But I know that WWW isn't even pissed off about the commercials, since she doesn't even have a TV. She's just bumming that she can't talk to her Czexy man.

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