Thursday, February 20, 2003

Will someone save this planet we're playing on? Is it the only one? What are we gonna do?
Help them to see that the people here are like you and me.

Back in my days as a foreign correspondent, I used to play a little game with MN in which I would tell him the song of the day. Well, today's song is Pipes of Peace. And yes, sometimes I like to head my posts with song lyrics that have nothing to do with the post itself. Often they're solo Beatles songs.

Everything I ever needed to know about reporting I learned in journalism school. Last week I wrote about property taxes. Thanks to JZ (as opposed to Jay Z) I have seen a property tax bill, written about property tax bills and know what a levy is. Today I went to the courthouse. It was prettier than the Markham Courthouse, but operates much the same way.

One of the photogs told me that our big boss has this weird policy of having the photos match the story they go with, cus it really bugs him when the photos don't match. He calls that "cognitive dissidence."

I don't know why anyone eats meat. I made a scrumptious, practically vegan, Moussaka last night. (It had butter in it.) Eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes, lentils, onion, nutmeg ... so many flavors and textures. Tasty.

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