Thursday, February 06, 2003

Would you be my ... ?

I have next door neighbors. A woman and two kids, so far as I can tell, but she's got some other help unloading her Budget rentatruck. Here's the really weird thing. When I pulled in beside their Idaho-plated van, I pulled in the wrong spot. I didn't realize it til I looked out my window and thought, huh, I thought my spot was directly in front of my place. Durr.

Am having a day of self-doubt. I think I've mentioned I hate being the new girl. Well, I'm still new. I like my job and I like my coworkers, but I don't actually have enough to do for eight hours in a row.There's a bunch of stuff going on next week, so I felt no compulsion to bust my ass trying to find something to do yesterday, today and tomorrow, but I'm a little bored and self-conscious about it. Don't want to look like I don't have enough to do. My office roomie, SH, is really cool about it. He's all, I'm not keeping track of what you do. And when I said I was just gonna sit and read the paper instead of doing actual work (which is slightly facetious, since reading the paper actually is actual work), he said "We're going to get along just fine."

A bright spot in between having nothing to do and getting a spiel about how it's not fair not to join the union since I'm benefiting from the union-negotiated scheduled across-the-board raises was a conversation with HRH and myself. I say with myself because I could hear everything I said echoed back to me on the overseas connection. A little disconcerting to hear one's own cadence and speech patterns. But HRH sounded like sweetness and light embodied.

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