Sunday, March 02, 2003

I'm sorry that I made you cry (oh my)

I quote the writings of two great minds:

And in that sense, anti-Americanism is as pernicious as anti-Semitism, rooted in envy rather than grievance.

Is it envy? Do these people see President Bush as being in a position of what many would consider to be great power, in the spotlight, and wonder why it's not them?

And I say Wha-aa? Envy? Of course, we're talking about separate issues. Anti-Semitism is baseless. Anti-Bushism is not. (Heh. But seriously folks, hating a single person is one thing. Writing off a race is another.) But I don't think the Anti-Semites were jealous of Jews any more than I think I would be a better president than George W. Oh wait, I think my pet iguana would make a better president. But I can see how he got elected, I just don't like it. I think he's a lousy leader and I don't like the way he pronounces nuclear.

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