Friday, February 24, 2006

On today's brief snowfall, as seen from the shuttle bus on my way to pick up my graded writing assignment. (I got an A)

Flurries in the trees
Drifting, hanging like blossoms
Oblivious me

See how my explanation is several syllables longer than my haiku? For some reason, having nothing to do with the writing class I'm taking, I've started counting all the syllables of my thoughts. It started with my having a visceral reaction to yesterday's weather.

There's something I've been meaning to post about, but instead of wordsmithing my usual way, I was tempted to simply blog:

Those college girls
They really like their breadsticks
Better than pasta?

Cus, doesn't that just get my whole point across? In case it doesn't...I can't get over how much these college girls like their Pizza Hut breadsticks. It has got to be the most popular food item at the trendy cafeteria place. You wouldn't believe the number of healthy (excuse me, healthful) food items that are available and yet not a day goes by that I don't see half a dozen girls (at least) of all sizes, picking up a small order of breadsticks to eat as their lunch.

Me, I've been getting a Chinese food carrier portion of pasta marinara. I measured it at about 16 liquid ounces (with an empty soda cup). Probably no less fattening than the breadsticks.

Well, sometimes I get a veggie burger or an egg-salad sandwich.

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