Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Cold and windy today. Slow week. Particularly slow morning, but I'm pepped up now that I have a veggie burger and Diet Pepsi in me.

My Secret? (she asks, not unlike the deodorant commercial the girls did during the last cycle of Top Model.) I add a splash of Cherry Pepsi to the diet drink.

If you need me, I'll just be here, listening to classic rock and trimming split ends with an enormous pair of scissors.

Ooh, classic rock, that reminds me. While we were waiting in line to watch Frank Shamrock knock out Cesar Gracie in 21 seconds, we listened to music from a radio station van for a classic rock station called "The Bone."

They played Pearl Jam's "Black," and that Stone Temple Pilots song about a conscience laden dizzy head ("Big Empty," I just looked it up).

Classic. Rock.

According to Wikipedia, the STP song came out in 1994. I was in like, college.

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