Thursday, March 02, 2006

Information delivery system

Yesterday, the chief of large city bureau for an elite newspaper held up a tattered album cover of a Beatles record in one hand and the current issue of said newspaper in the other.

He called them both relics.

Nobody buys Beatles albums on vinyl anymore, and hardly anyone listens to it that way. But we're still listening to the music.

The newspaper will be obsolete in 50 years, he said. But people still will be reading the news.

I'm no longer subscribing to a local paper, because I no longer work for one and because I spend 75 percent of my day reading news online. On the days I have to physically page through a hard copy, I tell you, I really hate getting newsprint on my hands.

People read these things on their way to work? How do they not get newsprint all over their crisp white shirts?

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