Thursday, September 07, 2006

The key is the key

Rob picked me up yesterday in my car, presumably because he prophetically knew that he'd find enormous Yamaha speakers at Goodwill and we'd need a way to get them home. He brought along both spare keys to my car for some reason.

At Goodwill, to make room for the speakers, I removed the empty box the toilet came in and asked for his knife so I could break it down. (What? Your boyfriend doesn't carry a knife at all times for no apparent reason?) He handed me his keys, which have a folding knife on a keychain. He was still loading the speakers when I was done, so I put his keys in my purse.

Cut to 10 minutes ago, when he called to ask if I'd seen his keys. Why yes, I answered, looking in my purse. I have them right here, along with all three keys to my car. Which was irrelevant because I drove myself to work today.

Lucky for him, I knew where he could find a spare key to his car and a spare key to the house. But if I hadn't, he'd only have himself and his need for those enormous Yamaha speakers to blame.

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