Thursday, November 16, 2006


Yesterday, the little rhinestone pattern on the butt pocket of my jeans left an imprint in my chair at work. Granted it was stormy and windy outside and 5 extra-large pizzas were delivered to the office at noon, so, really, where did I have to go?

You know those magazine articles that list 5 simple changes you can do to burn more calories or consume fewer? Don't you think it's unfair when they're things you already do? Like, I already consume mostly calorie free beverages. I already take the stairs. Or at least I used to, when I worked on the third floor of a building. I never took the damn elevator.

But now I work in a little ground floor office with my car parked right outside. I haven't had much occasion so far to go trekking through the woods or wading in rivers. And I've been buying 1 % milk because that's what my boyfriend likes. Obesity can't be far behind.

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