Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Handling it

So I'm crying at work, because my brother made a couple of YouTubes of Barney (may he rest in peace. Barney, not my brother). Mostly it's the Cyndi Lauper song that made me cry, so I had to turn off the sound.

I go into the ladies room to pull myself together and thought I'd feel better, less like a closeted emotional wreck, if I told my coworker why I was crying. She probably overheard me talking about it to my mom yesterday anyway. So I steel myself and walk out. She's coming back in from her cigarette break (who smokes anymore? really) and she's got her husband with her. She introduces him and like a total weirdo I say, "Nice to meet you. I'm a little teary because my mom put her dog to sleep last night and my brother made a video on YouTube and played Time After Time with it."

Way professional.


Anonymous said...

Hey girl. Don't even worry about it. I would be crying at work too if it were me, or at home, or whereever. You're allowed. Nothing unprofessional about it. It's a normal, human reaction. I have cried at work countless times over things not near as weighty as life or! Hang in there


Kelly Lewis said...

Kari and Andy, very sweet video. It made me tear up. I know how much it hurts, I'm thinking of all of you. XOXO Kelly