Sunday, June 10, 2007

Personifying my dog

Last night, Isis looked so sad. She had this expression on her face conveying, "No one will play with me." We each played with her outside a little today, and her Smiley Bird face came back. I would have taken her to a dog park, but it's raining again! Also, I meant to take her for a walk. Jeez, I'm a terrible parent.

As I explained it to her this morning, when she kept nagging me to take her out. "See, honey," I said. "Mommy is very very lazy..." We did take her with us to the A&W drive-thru, but then she was all, "Waitasecond. This isn't Dairy Queen. Where's my ice cream?"

We got her this toy at PetSmart a few weeks ago on clearance. It was, like, $2.99. But it was perfect. Not much of a squeak and it was shaped like a fish. Appropriate because my work is all about fish now. I'm told it's probably supposed to be a Rainbow Trout, not a Chinook Salmon, but whatever.

It had a label on it that said "1/2 ton of yankin' fun," which struck us as a little obscene, but the idea was that there was a cloth belt through the stuffed toy, making it indestructible.

Today, Isis tore the tail to shreds.

I haven't been to PetSmart in weeks! I can't believe it! Although I have to go soon, because we're getting low on food.

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