Thursday, July 03, 2008

Life's little travesties

Man, I must be in good spirits, because the last two days have been peppered with ridiculously pathetic moments in the office, and I'm nothing but amused.

Yesterday we had a BBQ. Which sounds like fun, except there are only 5 of us here on a busy day...and only 3 of us were here yesterday. Festive.

See, another satellite office has a grill (and more people) and since they had one, headquarters said we could get one, and they'd buy us burgers (including the vegetarian variety). There's construction happening on the front of the building, so we BQ'd in the back of what is basically a steel frame building with an overhead garage door that opens into a parking lot with a view of self-storage units. Scenic.

Then we sat down and ate together for the first time since I've been here. So it actually was fun. Except...the designated grill assembler didn't start assembling the new grill until about 10, and wasn't done til after 1. Not a completely unacceptable time to have lunch, but I was star-ving.

Today, the first exciting thing that happened was I broke the hot water lever off the water cooler. Yes, it is July 3 and I had tea this morning. It's pouring rain. I worked at my desk for a few hours listening to the drip drip outside. Until I realized that the drip drip was inside. The construction workers must have removed the part of the roof that keeps my windowsill dry.

But they fixed it quickly enough and I was so entertained by all these odd little things that I thought it was a good time to call the city of Vancouver, which had the nerve to invoice me for the money that they accidentally overpaid me when they reimbursed me for accidentally towing my car.

Something struck me after I received that invoice. There are times when you really feel like you're getting away with something, like getting lifetime service and a slightly used TiVo for $40. Here, good fortune just sidled up to me and sat on my lap. If they'd said, "Uh, sorry ma'am but we can't register this TiVo to you," I would have fought it, but it wouldn't have stirred any moral outrage in me.

This whole thing with Vancouver (yeah, I'm going to use the literary device of synecdoche here. It's one of my faves. Look it up) just completely infuriates me. I did not one single thing wrong, but the world just kind of felt like messing with me.

Like last week, I tried to refill a prescription. I had a new one, written four days earlier (as opposed to some others I've been hoarding... I don't even know if a pharmacy would fill an 8-month old Rx). And when I went to pick it up at the pharmacy drive-thru, the dude told me it was too soon to refill it.

I'm racking my brain, trying to figure out how to talk my way into this prescription. I must be doing something shady here, like get twice as many pills to take on vacation...or buy 1oo mg pills and split them to save money. No wait, that would leave me with more pills.

I have exactly one dose of the Rx left and really can't miss a day.

The pharmacist tells me that someone has picked up my prescription up for me at the other store. This is not possible, although I did get the prescription filled at the other store last time.

"When?" I ask. He doesn't know. I said, "Not since May!" He checks and finds out it was June 4. I picked up 24 pills.


He leaves the window again. It was still June. Maybe it was too soon for a refill. I'm sitting in the car, railing (to Rob) about how I will die if I don't get this prescription refilled.

Waitaminute. 24 pills? It had been 24 days since June way I wasn't due for a refill.

A woman comes back to the window and says they're on hold with my insurance. "How many pills did you say I picked up?" And she nods and says, "24 pills" ... and I open my mouth to explain the complex math to her, but they've already figured it out. And they refill me and we move happily along with life.

It seems to me that if I were a pharmacist and an insurance company told me a prescription couldn't be filled, I'd find out why before telling the patient that she can't have her drugs. They probably should have figured out before I did that 24 pills doled out on June 4 would be due for a refill on June 28.

Why did I only get 24 pills? I don't know, something about the vacation supply I got in April? Why do I need my insurance company's permission to take a drug that was prescribed to me? Why can't I just pay for the drugs? Who knows? Ask Michael Moore.

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