Sunday, July 13, 2008

Moshi Moshi

Rob's parents and older sister are hosting Japanese exchange students for two weeks. Three boys altogether. We met them this morning and showed them how to play Wii.

I got all excited about showing them my photos from when I stayed with a family in Japan for two weeks when I was almost their same age. I found the album and plan to take it next time I see them.

As I flipped through the fat album, its plastic-covered sticky pages browned with age, looking at photos of myself wearing pleated shorts and button-down shirts tied at the waist, it occurred to me that my showing this album to these boys is the equivalent of someone in Japan saying to 15-year-old me, "I was in America once!" and forcing me to look at their pictures from the 1970s.

1991 sure was a long time ago.

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