Friday, August 29, 2008

Talkin' Politics

Last night I tore myself away from the oblivion of trashy reality game shows (I Love Money, G's to Gents, you name it, we're watching it) to pay attention to the presidential race.

Now, I'm certainly staunchly opposed to John McCain, despite enjoying a sit-down with him in 2005 (scroll way down), but I have been loath to jump on the bandwagon of Barack O'blah-blah-blah. I mean, sure his DNC speech was mostly terrific, but I also heard him say something like, "Let's pull out of Iraq and bomb the crap out of Afghanistan."

And then this morning, when Matt Lauer interrupted his own show to tell us that McCain had picked a woman for his running mate, my first thought was, "Oh man, now I have to vote for McCain." But then Matt said she's very socially conservative and opposes abortion rights and gay marriage. This, coupled with her updo and glasses, sparked my second thought: "I bet they're hoping the gays confuse her with Karen from Will and Grace."

While I'm leaning toward voting for the black woman running on the Green Party ticket, I would prefer for Obama to beat McCain. But McCain's choice of running mate sure makes things interesting. Suddenly, I'm paying more attention to this race than I would be if McCain had picked an old white guy. I've got that excited feeling I get before watching a well-matched mixed martial arts bout. Oooooh, this is going to be a good fight.

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