Thursday, September 04, 2008

What's your issue?

Mine are War and the Environment.

Taxes, Health Care, the Economy, I mean, these are all important things to worry about, but in this particular election cycle, I'm the most concerned about War and the Environment.

So I oppose Sarah Palin on those two issues alone.

But how much fun is she? A coworker has confessed a total addiction to Palin coverage. It's like crack, she said. You don't even have to lower yourself to the unwed, teenage mother stuff, either.

The New York Times has a good six or eight compelling reads that I completely blame for my failure to do any actual work today. I'm amused though, if you look at the "Most E-mailed" articles, it's all Palin, and then a recipe for chickpea salad with ginger.

Maureen Dowd entertains. Seriously, I'd watch that movie.
Thomas Friedman enlightens. You heard him. Students, don't fall for the McCain/Palin energy plan.
Equally intriguing, especially since I'm quite familiar with small Northwest town governments, is the article about her early political years.
Someone else who knows the Northwest is Timothy Egan.

From another news outlet, the bizarre revelation that Palin attended almost as many colleges as I had jobs in a 6-year period. Except you'd have no trouble finding people at each of those jobs who remember me.

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